"Carly is an incredibly patient and professional teacher. My husband and I were new to dancing when she helped us with a simple dance for our wedding. She found a style that fit our personalities and was so much fun to work with!"


"I have taken dance lessons with Carly for around two years. I always look forward to lessons with Carly. I would recommend Carly as a dance instructor no matter what level dancer you are, be it beginner or more advanced. Even if you have two left feet, Carly will always encourage you and guide you.  You will never leave her class feeling like you should just give up. Carly knows when I'm having trouble with a step, and she has key words or phrases that help - some are silly, but the brain is funny on how it remembers things. Carly is a fun teacher, and her prices for lessons are always fair."


"The wedding planning was going smoothly - but we both were nervous about the First Dance.  We found Carly and she assured us it would be fine.  It wasn't just fine - it was amazing! She was so patient with us and knew how to deal with two different personalities!  My fiancé was a natural - I'm the one who needed more step-by-step assistance.  Our First Dance was so memorable - her choreography was perfect! We can't wait to continue with more lessons - the fun and closeness we feel from her instruction is priceless!"


"I never liked/wanted to dance when I was younger. Now I walk with forearm crutches, all the more reason to avoid dancing at all cost. Recently, I have had a change of heart and sought out lessons. Looking through her bio, I chose Carly. Best choice I could have made. As much as I initially dreaded the thought of lessons, I look forward to them now. She is so patient and understanding. Some claim they have 2 left feet. I guess you could say I have 4, but she moves me right along. If you have mobility issues, I recommend her."


"My boyfriend and I signed up for Carly's Wedding Dance Boot Camp for a date night. I have known Carly for almost 10 years when we taught non-partner dancing in a local studio. I was nervous to give partner dancing a try. Carly was aware of this and made sure she was instructing my boyfriend and I to trust each other. We paid the early bird price which was $35 per couple. And boy did we get our money's worth!!! We learned 5 basic and popular partner dances. 5 dances!!!! We are by no means masters of the craft but with these 5 basic dances, we can go dancing one future date night and have a blast. I would recommend anyone looking for a fun but structured Ballroom or Latin class to give Carly a call. She is infinitely patient and very knowledgeable. She gives little hints to help remember things and is not afraid to address any questions. She also makes sure that her guests know that she wants them to succeed. She wants us all to feel confident in the way we move as long as we are having fun and not forgetting to breathe. Her class was honestly the most fun I'd had in a while and I learned something. If you want to dance and have fun or learn a dance for a special moment, give Carly a call. You will not be disappointed!!!!"