In 2020, Cultivate Dance as well as my other business, 2MW Senior Dance Fitness, came to a standstill. I was beyond blessed to have some of my students, friends, and family pre-purchase lessons so that I still had money coming in, and 12 of these lessons they bought for OTHER PEOPLE to use!

I am so happy to be back to teaching in person lessons, and it is time for me to pay these lessons FORWARD.

I want these lessons to go to someone who wouldn't normally buy themself a dance lesson, even though they've always wanted to take one. Whether that is someone in a tight financial situation, or maybe someone who is too busy taking care of other people to schedule time to do something fun for themself. It can be an individual, a couple, or a small group.

Please use the attached form (below) to nominate someone to get one of these FREE lessons. (And yes, you can DEFINITELY nominate yourself!) I do not need their name or contact info at this point, just the reason why you want this person to get one of these lessons. I'll contact whoever filled out this form to follow up, so please include your own name and email.


While I'll only offer one free lesson per person/couple/group, I will offer continuing lessons on a sliding price scale for anyone who has used one of these lessons if you/they are interested in continuing.

All I ask in return is that one day, you pay it forward.

Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!